Permanent Brows For Blondes

Blonde fair skinned ladies,you do not have to have un-natural darker tones to get brow micro-blading. As a Pigmentologist I can masterfully blend pigments to best match your skin tone & hair color. (*)LastShareCollage

I was nervous about having semi-permanent treatment done to my eyebrows because of my light skin and hair coloring. I have seen a lot of dark and heavy brows and worried that there was not anyone who would try to match my hair color. I spent 2 years talking to professionals and was thrilled to find Chris with her specialized training. She explained her process, answered my questions in a way that made me very comfortable. I am in the healthcare industry and appreciated her attention to providing a septic environment, precise measurements of my brows and excellent teaching of aftercare. I love the way my brows look today! Don’t go anywhere else for this service! Stay with the professional!!(*)

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