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I did a lot of research on microblading and was skeptical at first to even do it. I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and my eyebrows simply never came back. It took me over a year to decide that I was going to do mircoblading. I finally decided to call Chris and immediately we had a great connection. During my consultation with Chris, she explained all the steps and was very professional.
I highly recommend Chris and I am very pleased with my results. Chris, thank you so much for giving me the feeling of complete again! – Jan J., June 10, 2017(*)

I can’t express how grateful I am for this procedure! The women in my entire family have very light, thin hair – which includes the eyebrows. I am very picky when it comes to my face and I did such extensive research in order to find someone to do them how I wanted and have it be affordable.
Now I really just can’t stop looking at them! I teared up when I got done because I am so happy with them! Long gone are the minutes used for filling them in or sweating/wiping them off! Being in the medical field it helps tremendously!!!
Chris did a phenomenal job and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!! Her 6, 017topical cream are top of the line because coming from someone with many tattoos, I hardly felt a thing!  – Katelyn F., June 17, 2017(*)

Chris does an AMAZING job! I researched & scheduled multiple consultations for microblading when I found Chris. Just talking to her on the phone, I knew that she would be the person that I chose. Chris is extremely knowledgable in her field and answered all of my questions & concerns. Her knowledge of microblading and her sweet personality immediately put me at ease. I over-plucked & waxed my eyebrows in my teenage years plus I’m blonde so they were very light & spread apart too far. Now, my eyebrows look the best that they ever have! This was definitely worth every penny! Thank you so much Chris! – Dani O., June 7, 2017(*)

I looked around pretty extensively within a 4 hour drive of Lincoln for someone who had photos of their work that showed their consistency and skill. I have virtually no eyebrow hair, so it was important to see samples of work done on people with the same problem. Chris’s website had several photos that helped me trust her work, and upon meeting her, I felt comfortable and in good hands. If you’re looking for microblading in the Lincoln/Omaha area, I would recommend Enduring Esthetics.(*)

Shiana M., June 6, 2017

I just had my brows done today by Chris and I can’t stop looking at them in the mirror! Gone are the days that I have to worry about sweating my brows off at the gym or keeping a spare brow pencil with me everywhere I go! My brows look great and I am soo excited to get some time back in the mornings that I don’t have to spend on filling in my brows! This is an amazing service and Chris did an awesome job! – Erin M., March 14, 2017(*)


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Enduring Esthetics
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 129 reviews
by Juli Rahfeldt on Enduring Esthetics
Happy Camper!!
Service(s) Received: Micro blading eye brows

I almost chickened out of this brow procedure but so glad I had it done! It was painless. Chris is so friendly and knowledgeable! Her studio is bright and cheery and very clean! I am one happy camper!!(*)

by Sandy D. on Enduring Esthetics

The  brow tattooing services that I received from Chris were outstanding. She was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Chris has a sweet disposition and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an  PMU  professional. Thank You Chris!!!!(*)

by Lorene on Enduring Esthetics
Service(s) Received: Micro blading Brows

Clean and professional, along with amazing results!(*)

by Debra J on Enduring Esthetics
Thrilled Client
Service(s) Received: Mircorblade eyebrows and eyeliner tattoo

I was hesitant to have the microblade procedure since I have seen many eyebrow tattoos that I did not feel looked natural which is very important to me. After doing my research on microblading and checking out Chris's website I was ready to have my brows done. My brows were done by Chris 3 weeks ago I am so pleased with the results I had eyeliner done on my upper lids. Chris listens to her clients to achieve the results desired whether it be natural or a little more glamorous look. If you are considering have your eyebrows or eyeliner done I recommend you check out Enduring Esthetics webpage and contact Chris with any questions are concerns you may have.(*)

by Virginia Turk on Enduring Esthetics
Virginia T.
Service(s) Received: Micro-blading

I had my second session of Micro-Blading with Chris yesterday. My first time having Micro-Blading was in April 2019. I have to admit, I was in need of a redo on my brows months ago. I was hesitant to re-schedule because I found my first experience a little more painful than I anticipated. My experience yesterday was AMAZING!!!!! I had no pain, I was not as nervous or uncomfortable during the micro-blading procedure. I had such a pleasurable experience told Chris, "I'll be back next week!"
I highly recommend Chris due to her compassion and absolutely STUNNING talent!(*)

by Laura L on Enduring Esthetics
I love my new brows by Chris!!
Service(s) Received: Microblading for Brows

I am so happy I went to Chris!! I'm almost 2 weeks post treatment and I wish I would have gone to her long ago. Gone are the days of trying to fill in my brows and have them fade mid day. They look very natural too! Chris has amazing attention to detail ~ she listened to exactly what I was looking for and delivered beyond my expectations. Very professional and she has a sweet demeaner that put me at ease. I'll be seeing Chris again! Highly recommend her and her services!(*)

by Melisa Monical on Enduring Esthetics
Service(s) Received: Microblading

I was nervous at first but Chris put my mind at ease and did a wonderful job!!! My brows look soo real! I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Chris (*)

by Kathy White on Enduring Esthetics
Exceptional Experience
Service(s) Received: Permanent Eyeliner

I was seeking a refresh of my permanent eyeliner. I thought my first experience with another provider was good, but this experience was exceptional from the first phone call all the way through the actual procedure and discharge home. Chris is the ultimate professional in all interactions and provides great before, during, and post procedure education. No surprises because she prepares you so well. The office is beautiful, the music was good, and the a cozy blanket provided, all contributed to decreasing my anxiety about the procedure. I highly recommend Chris if you are looking for permanent cosmetic treatments!(*)

by Ashley F. on Enduring Esthetics
Service(s) Received: Microbladed Eyebrows

Chris did an amazing job!! I walked in with almost no eyebrows and left with a perfect set! She even chose a color I loved. I was pretty nervous and she made sure I thoroughly understood what the procedure and healing process would look like! Definitely will be back when it’s time for a touch up!! Thanks again Chris! (*)

by Nicole on Enduring Esthetics
Service(s) Received: Eyebrow Microblading/Correction

I couldn't be more pleased with my experience today! I had my brows done about a year ago after doing little research. They were completely uneven and had a very unappealing shape. Not to mention the pigment color used on my brows was so dark that I knew there was little to be done to correct them unless I waited and allowed them to fade some. I started doing research a couple of months ago and found Chris at Enduring Esthetics. I felt so comfortable going through with this again after reading what others wrote. Chris was wonderful over the phone and I felt at complete ease going to my appt today. Chris didn't make me feel silly for having them done previously with little research. She just did her thing and corrected some pretty crappy brows. I left today with brows that have such a natural shape. Most importantly, Chris cares about the aftercare of your brows. She has thorough instructions that she goes over verbally and provides a copy of. She provides aftercare products that are specific for eyebrow microblading. I KNOW Chris cares about her clients. I am so pleased with how things turned out! P.S. I can't remember another time that I wrote a review for anything or anyone, but I wanted to help others make a decision that can be a bit uneasy. If you are thinking about services,w/ Chris, do it. You will NOT regret it! (*)

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