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I did a lot of research on microblading and was skeptical at first to even do it. I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and my eyebrows simply never came back. It took me over a year to decide that I was going to do mircoblading. I finally decided to call Chris and immediately we had a great connection. During my consultation with Chris, she explained all the steps and was very professional.
I highly recommend Chris and I am very pleased with my results. Chris, thank you so much for giving me the feeling of complete again! – Jan J., June 10, 2017(*)

I can’t express how grateful I am for this procedure! The women in my entire family have very light, thin hair – which includes the eyebrows. I am very picky when it comes to my face and I did such extensive research in order to find someone to do them how I wanted and have it be affordable.
Now I really just can’t stop looking at them! I teared up when I got done because I am so happy with them! Long gone are the minutes used for filling them in or sweating/wiping them off! Being in the medical field it helps tremendously!!!
Chris did a phenomenal job and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!! Her 6, 017topical cream are top of the line because coming from someone with many tattoos, I hardly felt a thing!  – Katelyn F., June 17, 2017(*)

Chris does an AMAZING job! I researched & scheduled multiple consultations for microblading when I found Chris. Just talking to her on the phone, I knew that she would be the person that I chose. Chris is extremely knowledgable in her field and answered all of my questions & concerns. Her knowledge of microblading and her sweet personality immediately put me at ease. I over-plucked & waxed my eyebrows in my teenage years plus I’m blonde so they were very light & spread apart too far. Now, my eyebrows look the best that they ever have! This was definitely worth every penny! Thank you so much Chris! – Dani O., June 7, 2017(*)

I looked around pretty extensively within a 4 hour drive of Lincoln for someone who had photos of their work that showed their consistency and skill. I have virtually no eyebrow hair, so it was important to see samples of work done on people with the same problem. Chris’s website had several photos that helped me trust her work, and upon meeting her, I felt comfortable and in good hands. If you’re looking for microblading in the Lincoln/Omaha area, I would recommend Enduring Esthetics.(*)

Shiana M., June 6, 2017

I just had my brows done today by Chris and I can’t stop looking at them in the mirror! Gone are the days that I have to worry about sweating my brows off at the gym or keeping a spare brow pencil with me everywhere I go! My brows look great and I am soo excited to get some time back in the mornings that I don’t have to spend on filling in my brows! This is an amazing service and Chris did an awesome job! – Erin M., March 14, 2017(*)


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Enduring Esthetics
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 179 reviews
 by NIC
Service(s) Received: MICROBLADING

I was hesitant to do this procedure but I was tired of having thin eyebrows I had to fill in. I am so happy I took a chance. I followed Chris for awhile watching the reviews and decided one day to just go for it. I love them. I loved them when I first saw them dark and I love them even more as they have lightened. I am so happy and encourage anyone on the fence to just do it!(*)

 by Dottie M
Beyond impressed!
Service(s) Received: Microblading

Chris is the epitome of a professional who cares about her clients. I started my day with an 11:00 appointment with another place here in Omaha. After waiting 15 minutes, calling, and getting no answer, I decided to go about my day and use the time to start researching other options. My Google search brought me to Chris, and after a quick review of her website and reviews, I decided to give her a call since it said she did some Saturdays. I left her a voicemail saying I was supposed to have an appointment today and was essentially stood up, so I was wanting some additional information on her services. She called me back in an hour, and after giving me lots of information about pre-procedure suggestions and making sure I'd be truly "eligible" to have the procedure done today (since she wasn't sure what I was or wasn't told by the previous person about what I should avoid), she offered to add me to her schedule for today at 2:30. I was completely blown away by her prompt call back and flexibility to get me on her schedule the same day I had already planned to have my brows done at another location. She also did a thorough job of explaining aftercare procedures, made sure I had my 5-week touchup scheduled before I left, and made sure I was happy with the current results. My brows have always been the ONE thing I *have* to fill in before going out in public just so I feel more confident, and I'm thrilled I will now be able to wake up in the morning and be ready to take on the day without any makeup at all if I so desire! The cost of the procedure is also comparably priced (even better than some places I've researched!) and includes that initial touchup as well as aftercare products that she provides for you that are specifically meant for the face. I could not possibly recommend her highly enough. Even if/when I move out of Omaha, I will make sure to come back to her for any touchups I need over the years! Thank you so much, Chris! (*)

 by Kelcy
Service(s) Received: Microblading

Chris is wonderful and my brows look perfect! I am so happy with the results! Chris talked me through everything and made me feel so comfortable throughout the process. She even had a blanket for me! Every morning I now have perfectly shaped brows instead of hoping that I drew them in correctly! Thank you, Chris for doing such great work! (*)

 by Toni M.
Thank you and amazing experience
Service(s) Received: Microblading

Chris retouched my microblading that had been done by another technician. I was not looking forward to the touch up since my original procedure was pretty painful. But…with Chris’s approach, I almost fell asleep during my appointment!!! It was completely pain free, and most importantly, my eyebrows look amazing! Thank you, Chris!!!(*)

 by Nikki
Simply Amazing
Service(s) Received: Micro blading

I cannot say enough about the incredible job Chris does!! I first went to a well known saloon in west Omaha; and paid double; they faded within weeks of getting them done. I reached out to Chris; she got me right away; and they are absolutely stunning! I receive so many compliments; and I cannot say enough how much I love her work!! (*)

 by Jill Gosselin
Chris is simply the best In her field!
Service(s) Received: Microblading

I had my brows microbladed over 5 years ago with another professional and liked them. After pregnancy and nursing I was ready to have them done again. I wanted to see what else was out there for brow artists. I had originally had an appointment with someone else and they had to reschedule on me. I thought I’d check out google again and came upon Enduring Esthetics. I am SO happy I did because Chris is SIMPLY THE BEST IN HER FIELD. I am an esthetician so I have seen a lot of microbladed brows and her work just doesn’t even compare. She was easy and delight to communicate with. Her suite is impeccable and her consultation was thorough. The experience itself was great and she explains and provides your home care just as thorough! I am SO excited for my touch up and I will be recommending her to anyone interested in all things, microblading and powder brows! Thank you!(*)

 by Kylie W.
Service(s) Received: Microblading

I usually do not take the time to write reviews. However, I must attest to how wonderful and professional Chris is. This was my second time getting my eyebrows microbladed. The first time was not with Chris and the biggest difference for me is the products. Chris’s products are top of the line!!! The after care instructions which is most important are the very best. My eyebrows healed wonderfully. Chris provides aftercare products that she’s researched are the best. And they are. Chris is a true artist when it comes to shaping. She measures but she also listens to your wants to create a gorgeous shape. And she provides you with your own before and after pictures, Stunning! So if you’ve been researching and trying to find the best of the best you’ve found it right here. I come from a nursing and cosmetology background and would recommend Enduring Esthetics. Chris is phenomenal!(*)

 by Janet P.
Microblading over scar tissue
Service(s) Received: microblading

Back in December I had what I thought was a small spot of skin cancer right above my left eyebrow. I went to my dermatologist for what we all thought would be a simple Mohs surgery. I came out 6 hours later with a very large incision that included the removal of 1/2 of my eyebrow. After the incision healed and I got the ok from my Dr., a nurse in his office recommended Chris for microblading over scar tissue.
I can not tell you how grateful I am for that recommendation. She took the time to explain the procedure and to tell me what to expect afterwards. I had questions about a week after the procedure and she was helpful and patient. Now, three weeks later, you cant even tell that I have a scar there! It looks that natural and normal. I am complimented all the time now on how nice my eyebrows look. Both the shape and the color. I feel like it made me look 10 years younger and gave me an extra boost of confidence. I can not recommend her services enough. I am beyond pleased.
Thank you Chris. You are so appreciated.(*)

 by Aubri
Service(s) Received: Microblading correction

When I got to the appointment, another gal was just wrapping up. We chatted briefly and she told me how she had a scar on her brow that prevented hair from growing. Looking at her, I would have never known she had scar, Chris's work was that good! I knew I'd made the right decision. I had microblading and combo shading done in 2017-2018. by another person. The color had feded to a weird pinkish orange (even on a natural redhead it looked odd) I was never 100% happy with them and after spending way too much $$ on brow products to get the shape/color I wanted, I did some research and found Chris. WOW am I so happy I did! The featherstroke technique Chris used made a huge difference. She was able to give my brows a more structured shape with a natural, but groomed look. Chris really took the time to make sure throughout the process I was happy with the progress. Chris truly has a passion for making women feel their best. If you're on the fence, JUMP! Make the appointment, I promise you'll love the results.(*)

 by Tara W.

Wonderful job. Very professional. Thanks Chris:)     (*)

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