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chris pilcher huerterA Letter to My New Clients

Dear Beautiful Women (and Men),

I know all too well how it feels to look expressionless, without eyebrows to frame the face, without lashes to line the eye, without the energy to draw on each day to feel comfortable being seen out of home.

That’s because I am a two-time lymphoma cancer and stem cell transplant survivor. Thank God!

Yes, my story of how I was introduced to this art is also my purpose today!

As a cancer patient in recovery, I sought out the only Licensed Pigmentologist in Omaha at the time, “Miss Dottie”, who recently retired. With the artistry of her craft, she helped give me back the confidence of having a normal appearance and restored my belief that I was, after all that, still beautiful. With a lot of life left to live, not feeling beautiful was just not an option! I am so grateful for what Ms. Dottie did for me.

As time passed, I realized I would naturally be skilled in the art of micro pigmentation because of my 25 + years as an Orthodontic Technician, doing intricate work in the mouth and understanding the symmetries of the face.

I became a Certified Micro Pigmentologist/Permanent Make Up Artist from Dallas Skin Institute with an additional advanced certification in brow micro-blading , intent to become a respected master in this field with a full concentration on this one focus.

My aim is to provide you with subtle enhancements that will highlight the natural beauty of your unique features, helping to restore and maintain a more youthful appearance. I can give you elegant eyebrows, expressive eyes, and kissable lips. Who doesn’t want that!

Beyond the art of permanent facial cosmetics, I am certified in 3 D areola pigmentation and minor scar camouflaging. I want to help women who have undergone surgery due to breast cancer, by intra dermal pigment placement for nipple/areolas, thereby camouflaging the scar tissue as well.

During the past twelve years I have undergone, withstood, and survived difficult life changing and life-giving experiences, and have come out on the side of the beauty of life! When I chose the word “enduring” in my business name, I did so because it part of my story. Life teaches us that we are durable and our beauty is expanded by the experiences we live through. Sometimes we may just need a little help and a little TLC. “Enduring” may be a key word in your story, too. You never know what someone is going through! It is my mission to provide a caring client experience and a beautiful end result for you that will create lasting confidence and effortless beauty!


Chris Pilcher-Huerter

Your beauty is my full time job!

Your beauty is my full time job!

Fun times at Dallas Skin Institute

Fun times at Dallas Skin Institute