Micro-Blade over Old Faded Brow Tattoo

img_1037This client had a 2yr old Brow Tattoo that was 1mm wider in girth than one and 1 1/2 mm shorter in tail than the other brow,was done by another technician in Omaha. Correction was needed as well as better shaping w/ more natural looking hair stroke line Micro-Blading.(*)


2 thoughts on “Micro-Blade over Old Faded Brow Tattoo

  1. Chris Pilcher-Huerter says:

    I charge $475.00 ,that fee covers the initial micro-blade procedure and the time sensitive touch-up/fine-tune 4 to 6 weeks post healed fro initial procedure. I provide you w/ very specific aftercare products,the products are included in the fee as well.
    Feel free to contact me 402-659-0559.
    Chris P/H

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