Why I chose the pigments I use in my Permanent Cosmetic Procedures

I had a client inquire about the pigments I use in my micro pigmentation procedures.
I’m so glad she did, great question , I thought I would share with you all.
I use BIO TOUCH Pigments,and here is why,although there may be other FDA approved pigments ,Bio Touch pigment was the first FDA approved pigment.“The FDA only certifies the use of pigments that cause the least reactions. Bio Touch pigment is number 1 pigment in the world currently, and are used worldwide. No reported allergies or reactions. And never have had any pigments recalled. They are Iron Oxide pigments which are natural to our bodies ,no heavy metals. There are various medical uses for iron and iron oxide, as both are naturally occurring and essential to the human body.
I choose to use the BEST and most widely used pigments for my clients.(*)


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