Brow Pigmentation with Micro-Blading

Happy Brow’s Happy Client

This recent Client’s review:
First let me say why didn’t I do this sooner?! Chris is truly an artist! From the time I came in for my consult and we discussed all concerns, I was no longer afraid. I am blonde and I had concerns about the correct shading and sizing of my brows because I have uneven brows. Halfway through the procedure I got a sneak peek how my brows were looking. I was absolutely shocked at how it all blended together and that I finally had brows! Chris is
is very professional and very sweet! I highly recommend her not only for her professionalism but how truly gifted she is! (*)LastShareCollage

Permanent Brows & Eyeliner

This client had orangish faded old brow tattoo & faded tattooed eyeliner. Proper tone pigment & brow micro-blading procedure to the rescue,with permanent eyeliner procedure done as well. (*)

Photo’s taken immediately post procedures .


Brow Tattooing for Women Of Color

Women Of Color can tend to have oily skin which can be a bit of a challenge w/ pigment implantation,but absolutely doable. No matter your skin color or your skin type, I am happy to work with you to get the brows you desire.(*)                                                                                          IMG_4547 Here is this clients recent review:My eyebrows came out better than I could ever expect. I am an African American woman and Chris applied the perfect shade for my eyebrows. She also corrected past permanent makeup done on my eyebrows. She listens to your wants and concerns. She is a very kind person. I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank You Chris! (*)

Brow Micro-blading while pregnant

 Yes, with permission from your physician I’m happy to give you brows you’ve longed for before baby comes & life gets that much busier . The pigments I choose to use are the #1 pigments in the world,never a recall or reported reaction. I’m intent on maintaining a cozy yet safe & sterile treatment environment .

Testimonial from this almost ready to deliver baby Momma:

Chris did an amazing job with my eyebrow micro-blading procedure. As a blonde with fair skin and light hair I was hesitant the color would be too dark and harsh but Chris did an outstanding job of matching not only the right color for my brows but also the right tone that would compliment my skin and hair. I was also able to have this procedure while 8 months pregnant after getting clearance from my doctor.

Chris is a true professional who doesn’t cut any corners. If you’ve landed on this site or been referred to Chris – look no further. She is well worth the cost and wait! (*)


Brow Micro-blading Correction & Camouflage

I am so thankful that I found Enduring Esthetics and Chris. I had lost most of my facial hair due to a thyroid issue and I had tried twice to have my eyebrows put on permanently. Unfortunately the first two procedures by another brow tattooist (not Chris) did not take very well and I had a lot of fading and crooked eyebrows. Chris was able to make all of the needed corrections and make me feel normal again. THANKS CHRIS! (*)LastShareCollage

Permanent Brows For Blondes

Blonde fair skinned ladies,you do not have to have un-natural darker tones to get brow micro-blading. As a Pigmentologist I can masterfully blend pigments to best match your skin tone & hair color. (*)LastShareCollage

I was nervous about having semi-permanent treatment done to my eyebrows because of my light skin and hair coloring. I have seen a lot of dark and heavy brows and worried that there was not anyone who would try to match my hair color. I spent 2 years talking to professionals and was thrilled to find Chris with her specialized training. She explained her process, answered my questions in a way that made me very comfortable. I am in the healthcare industry and appreciated her attention to providing a septic environment, precise measurements of my brows and excellent teaching of aftercare. I love the way my brows look today! Don’t go anywhere else for this service! Stay with the professional!!(*)

Permanent Eyebrows & Eyeliner

Immediately following Brow Micro-blading & Permanent Eyeliner Procedures.                                                                                                                One clients photo showing before & immediately after.                             (*)